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America IS great!

I have consciously stayed out of the political discussion in recent months just because it is so insane to me and rarely speaks to facts or reality.  I decided to post this today because I heard Donald Trump one more time today in Alabama, talk about money being taken from America by foreign countries, and that he will put a stop to that and bring back jobs to America.  Of course, the crowd cheered. What is the crowd cheering about?  Or do they give these statements any thought?

Donald Trump is an intelligent man, and he knows this rhetoric is just so much bologna (made where?).  What Trump does not tell the crowd is that foreign countries are not the culprits, but it’s corporate America of which he too is a part.  Very few, for example, of Trump’s own brand products are manufactured in the United States of America.  Donald Trump’s claims “they don’t even make them (his brand products) here any more” is something he wishes were true, but it is not.
(Interview with ABC, May 08, 2016,

Donald Trump likes to sell himself as a business man.  Great.  So tell the whole story.  He is not interested in providing a costly wage to anyone, and his bottom line is always the success of his own business and will continue to be so, except now, his business is being President of our country, and he will do whatever it takes to make himself look good and bring cheers from crowds of folks who see him as a savior, because they buy into his rhetoric hook line and sinker and don’t realize that he is first and foremost a business man running HIS business, not their business.

As a businessman, Trump has used his name to market a wide variety of products whose prices are inflated just because of the Trump label.  I have nothing against that.  It’s good business.  But will he make sure that he levies a 35 percent tariff on those brand products manufactured outside the United States?  Or better, will he insource to American companies to manufacture his brand products and be willing to pay more than he pays in Mexico and China so that Americans can have decent-paying jobs?

I personally have nothing against outsourcing other than it is a sound business tactic to avoid taxes and labor costs with questionable regard for the folks whose labor made it possible for the corporation to become successful in the first place.  But just maybe there is an intelligent and profitable-for-all “fix” for this on-going balancing act for businesses and corporations here in America.  Nick Hanauer discusses this very issue in a most informative article.  Read it and be surprised what this billionaire has to say to his fellow billionaires.

The joke of all of this discussion is that there are millions of job opportunities in our country right now, but there is a lack of qualified applicants to hire into these jobs.  Why is that?  That seems like a more relevant problem than the so-called lack of jobs.  And why isn’t Donald Trump talking about that?  Why didn’t he tell this crowd in Alabama that there are plenty of jobs, and they need to reach down inside themselves somewhere and find what it takes to go after the training to be qualified for these jobs?  Yes, it would make him very unpopular.  

There is plenty of room in the business world for successful entrepreneurs, and I think in our technologically- advanced era, there are an infinite number of products, some perhaps not even on the drawing board yet, that require or will require manufacturing.  Can Donald Trump focus his “charisma” in inspiring entrepreneurs to develop and manufacture new products, and can he inspire our country’s labor force to go after the training they need to be hired?  Let’s stop blaming other countries, for crying out loud.  The problem is right here and Donald Trump is a part of the problem. Hopefully, he will choose to come from behind the curtain and be part of the solution.

Just in case you are wondering, I did not vote for Hilary!  I have nothing against Donald Trump except for his same ol’ BS that all the other politicians propagate, and he like other politicians, including Hilary, have no clue about the Middle East, their culture, their way of life, their values, their religion.  For hundreds of years, our only interest there has been oil and military domination, and neither of those have been even remotely successful for us.  Will we ever learn?  Trump’s rhetoric on the Middle East sounds like he will continue in that vein, and we will continue to lose our children to the gods of oil and the gods of war.  ISIS is not the problem in the Middle East.  Our ignorance about the people, the tribes, the regions of the Middle East is the problem.

I think a good place for me to stop!  Thank you for reading and increasing your knowledge about political issues that we never stop to really explore and think about.

The opportunities are already here.
We don't need to blame other countries for the lack of jobs.


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