Sunday, April 5, 2020


We are bombarded daily
With news
That has nothing new in it at all.
We buy and eat line after line
Of this news, intended not to inspire us
But to in form us into conformity,
A conformity of fear!
We haven’t questioned the health benefits
Of isolation, for example,
Even though our immune system thrives,
THRIVES on touch and contact!
We are now wearing our masks visibly,
Perhaps a symbol of the masks we wear
Every day to hide from ourselves and others!
Why in the world do we hide from ourselves?
We allow the media to feed us
Sensationalized statistics with no context.
We don’t even realize
That an astronomical number of the folks
Who walk alongside of us
Each and every day
Pass on, often without our even knowing.
We gasp as we read the obituary or someone tells us
“Hey, did you hear.....?”
In California alone,
Over 1100 citizens die EACH MONTH
From respiratory illness regardless of the reigning virus!
That’s over 12,000 a year.
That’s not to mention the over 5,000
Who die each month from heart disease.
These statistics may or may not be true,
BUT, they are from the CDC!
The L. A. Times reported this morning
That the death toll
From the virus (since January) in California
Has soared to over 300.
How is that soaring?
Well, it is soaring to scare us
And to sell news
Which is no news at all!
We’ve been dealing with very serious diseases
From the beginning of time!
What about ALL the thousands of people,
People like us,
Who have recovered and have actual antibodies
For the corona virus?
Wow!  So a healthy immune system does work!
Is the 104 year old veteran who survived the virus
Just a fluke?
Or is he just a good soldier
Regardless of what life he is living
Or what battle he enlists to fight?
Do any of us stop and contemplate
That this finite time span
From our birth to death
Is a given for each and every one of us?
We are born to live
And yes, born to die!
We can certainly fear this time span
Or else,
We can become aware that this time span
Does not define our existence!
In fact,
Many Christians believe in the resurrection
At least we did
Til we subscribed to the L. A. Times
Or tuned into CNN
Or whatever the news source of our choosing.
An important word.
We are choosing to follow all the mandates
Hook line and sinker,
Even to the point of allowing our loved ones
To  die alone in isolation,
Much like Jesus on the cross!
What would happen if everyone boycotted the news
Which, remember, is no news at all.
Watching or subscribing to the news
Is simply subscribing to being scared to death,
Ironically, the very thing we all fear!
There is no grace in our news,
Nor life.
How deeply have we buried our heads and hearts?
We have walked away from our places of worship
Willingly and freely.
We have locked ourselves up in our homes
Willingly and freely.
We have abandoned people we love
Willingly and freely.
No shots fired, no takeover!
It was easy for whatever that “force” is.

I hold in my imagination a genuine rethinking of
What we have so freely given into
With very little questioning
And an abundance of innacurate information,
And an abundance of accurate but sensationalized information.
I thank God we are, even as I write this,
Rethinking and replanning
So we never surrender so freely again.
By the way,
I am not against taking precautions.
I appreciate having my open heart surgery
In as sterile an environment
As they were able to create!
Lucky me, I did not get infected by
Whatever they could not kill!
And I deeply appreciate ALL those
Who continue to provide us food,
Supplies, and transportation.
I appreciate our fire and law enforcement folks
Who are just plain out there,
Fear or no fear.
I appreciate the medical personnel
Who have continued to provide services
Both to those infected with the virus
And those who need medical services.
And every time we have a chance,
Be sure to personally THANK these folks.
They have bigger balls and bigger hearts
than most of us!
There’s a line from A Course In Miracles
That goes something like this:
“If I really grasped who is walking alongside of me,
I would have no fear.”
And for those of us who rely only on Scripture,
Check out Luke 17:33!
“Those who try to save their lives will lose it
And those who lose their life will preserve it.”
I don’t have to be right about any of this.
I simply want to share some of my thoughts!

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