Sunday, April 26, 2020


  Have we stopped to ask ourselves, “What is the leading cause of death?”  Just think about it for a second or two or for as long as we want.  Eventually, we will find the answer.  It is really an easy answer.  The leading cause of death is DEATH.

  The media wants us to believe that death is something rare and escapable and something we all need to be afraid of and something that if we quit going to work, stop patronizing businesses, stop attending church services, stay home, stop connecting with our grandchildren and our own parents and our friends–the buzz word is social distancing or worse isolation--somehow we will outwit death and live forever, especially if we practice this way of life for the next 18 months.

  Where would we be if our first responders adopted this belief?  Where would we be if our military adopted this belief?  Where would we be if our hospitals and doctors and nurses adopted this belief system?

  What is kind of ironic is that if the media adopted this belief system and got the heck out of our lives, we would be living our lives quite normally right now.  And yes, just as is happening, some people would die perhaps from the virus!  But more likely, they would die from whatever it is they had before the virus showed up!

  NEWS IS NEVER ACCURATE OR FACTUAL.  News is meant to sell, so the headline is always meant to grab our curiosity and consequently contains some degree of distortion or exaggeration.  Most folks probably do not remember Joe Friday from the Dragnet series.  He was always saying, “Just the facts....”  Well, we can be sure that we will never get just the facts from the news media, which is truly truly sad.  Just remember news is not free.  It is supported by commercial interests which controls the bent of the news.  Can we all just THINK about this?   

  When it comes to death, I finally came to terms with my death some years prior to my open heart surgery and now, with the guidance of many different people, I live on the other side of my death, and since I am no longer fearful of dying or of death catching me, I live my life freely and fully!  Just THINK about this!

  Life is FULL of risks.  All we have to do is look at the way we drive, look at the way we smoke whatever it is we are smoking, look at the way we drink, look at the amount of medications we ingest, look at the amount of hairspray we breathe in each day, look at the cocaine and meth we use, look at the amount of sugar we eat, look at ourselves in the mirror and see how overweight we are, look at the ingredients of the food we eat and contemplate what those ingredients are that we cannot even pronounce.  And if we look at the pesticides and herbacides that are sprayed on our food, we might consider eating only organic!  Can we just simply THINK about this.

  When we give our children medication for huyperactivity, do we have any idea what we are giving them?  Would we give our kids methamphetamines off the street?  But often that is exactly what we are giving them except it is methamphetamine from the drug store!  What sense does that make?  When we give our kids antidepressants, do we have any idea that the side effects are an increase in suicidal ideation?  Really?  Yes, check it out!  Or maybe we already know that from our own use of antidepressants!

  When we tell our doctor that we are depressed and the doctor prescribes psychotropic medication, do we ever take the time to read the risks?  Let’s say we do read the risks and the print out says that a particular side effect occurs in only .01% of the population.  Well, what population are they talking about?  If they are talking about the research group, how do we know that group represents us?  The bottom line is that this .01% does not matter to the pharmaceutical company!  If we are talking about the population of the world, we are talking about 87 million people who may be at risk!  Can we just THINK about this?

  When the doctor prescribes a Statin for us to reduce our cholesterol, do we bother to read about the side effects?  One of the main side effects is the depletion of an essential heart enzyme known as COQ 10!  Why would we take the risk of robbing our heart of an essential enzyme?    

  Can we just THINK about this?  Forget about taking any action.  Just think about this!

  When I had valve replacement surgery five years ago, I was told that if I opted for an artificial valve, I would have to be on blood thinners for the rest of my life.  One of the most popular blood thinners is an ingredient used in rat poison!  When I asked the doctor why I couldn’t just eat foods that naturally thin my blood or take supplements like fish oil or Vitamin E to thin my blood, he told me that he could not trust that I would follow such a regimen consistently!  Wow!  How is it that doctors don’t trust us to take care of ourselves?  Well, if we look in the mirror, maybe we will see the answer!  

  Recently, when I had  eye surgery, I stopped taking my Krill oil a week ahead of surgery as directed.  The doctor still had difficulty stopping my bleeding, the krill oil is that effective in thinning my blood! 

  I am more and more aware of my age.  I don’t feel old, but I do stupid stuff to indicate to myself that I am old.  I run into open cupboard doors and hit my head quite hard.  I stopped climbing onto ladders because I realized that I was soon going to fall off the ladder just because my balance is not the same as it was even five years ago.  I am able to walk six miles four or more times a week and at a really fast clip.  I am very pround of that, but that does not negate the fact that I still do really stupid stuff.  My biggest fear is having an unnecessary brain bleed by doing something like falling off the ladder or walking into an open cupboard door with enough force to cause brusing!  So, taking blood thinning drugs at my age is very very risky.  The cardiologist wnats me to take baby aspirin each day, but I bleed EASILY, so I refuse.  I even stopped taking the Vitamin E for the same reason.  The 1000 mg of Krill oil each day seems to hit the balance.

  I continue to THINK about all of this “stuff” and I invite all of us to THINK about this “stuff.”

  And when we go to the doctor and report that we are depressed or anxious, the doctor does not tell us to take the time to look at our losses and our stressors.  The doctor believes that the medication will eradicate our depression and stress.  And it will for as long as we are on the medication, but in the meantime, we never heal.  We never live a sober life.  We live a medicated life.  And for whatever reason, we are willing to endure all the risk factors with little or no thought to the consequences.

  We have surrendered our ability to THINK and rely upon folks who we assume have our best interest at heart, but we don’t even think and question if that is accurate.

  The commentator, Mark Levine, recently suggested that if the government told us that it was sending a bus into our neighborhood to pick all of us up and take ut to a safe place where we would be free from catching the virus, that many of us would climb on board!  How scary and discouraging is that?

  I know many grand kids who are truly suffering from not having the regular physical contact they are accustomed to having with their grandparents.  There is an actual SCIENCE called Interpersonal Neurobiology that demonstrates the impact of physical contact on our DNA, on our cell growth and development, and on on our immune system!  Check out Daniel Siegel, M. D.

  Can we just simply THINK about this information?

  There is a drug that is used to support folks with malaria and lupus that is being used to treat patients with the corona virus.  The drug use is controversial because of potential risk factors, specifically irregular heart beat which in some cases leads to cardiac arrest.  THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE.  The problem is that the drug seems to be helping some folks and yes there are risk factors which doctors are aware of and are monitoring.

  How is it that we overlook the risk factors in other standard treatments for all kinds of problems?  Obviously, risk factors in other drugs do not stop the use of these drugs.  I mean look at chemotherapy, for crying out loud.  It just about kills a patient!  Look at risk factors in ALL the popular psychotropic drugs?

  Please just THINK about this stuff.

  And who started to promulgate the notion that if one gets the virus, automatically we have to go to the hospital and be put on a ventilator?  We are finally hearing that we might need oxygen, and we would need respiratoy therapy, and we would be best to either lie on our left side or stomach, but that the majority of folks would not require a ventilator which may actually increase the risk of dying!  Why have we not heard this important piece of “news” or information?

  The news does not tell us things like over 1100 people per month in California alone die from lung and respiratory illness that has nothing to do with the virus.  Over 5000 people per month in California alone die from heart disease!  We never hear about any of this?  Why not?  Because for whatever reason, it is not scary enough!


  By the way, who is Bill Gates?  What is the payoff for him to have our country shut down till there is a cure for corona virus?  Please just think about it!  As altruistic as Bill may be, I just have to wonder why he would opt for such an annihilation of our society!  

  Do you know that fifty percent of the folks who have the virus are asymptomatic?  Do you know that 80 percent of the folks who become ill from the virus actually recover and go on to live normal and healthy lives?

  Do you know that corona viruses have been around for a very LONG time?  It is not some new rare virus that we have no experience with.  Some folks seem upset that China has shared nothing with us about their research on the corona virus, but please do not forget, there are researchers around the world who study these viruses ALL the time and I would be willing to bet that there is plenty of information available to us to find solutions.

  We often hear talk about a cure for the virus.  I think cure is somewhat misleading in that I don’t think we can cure a virus.  We can find ways for the body to fight the virus successfully, and we may find cures for the illnesses that develop because of the virus getting into our body, but the virus itself will probably hang out for some period of time till it either mutates or just disappears the way the SARS virus disappeared.

  Againk please just THINK about what we already know.  

  What is the investment of the democratic political community in portraying the virus as fatal for all and the last thing anyone wants to catch?  What is that about?  Really and truly?

  What is the shameful story of Karen Whitsett all about?  The problem with both sides of the political aisle is that no one knows what it is to work together.  We are so intent on our side being right, being the winner, being the best, we are so intent on the other side looking like losers and worse, evil, that we have abandoned all together EVERYTHING that is available to us as people on how successsfully to work together as a team!  How sad that our politicians are so uneducated and so self absorbed, and I’m referring to BOTH sides!

  I am a registered democrat, but I no longer idenify with ANY political party.  If the democrates want to get rid of President Trump, then offer a candidate that can fill the shoes of the office.  Joe Biden, I am sorry to say, is NOT the person.  By the way, when did you see him last?  If he is too vulnerable to come out into the public view, then he is NOT the person for the job.  We need a president who is willing to risk his life for the office!  Think about it!

  My biggest objection to Joe Biden is he went to Iraq after their elections and told Iraq leaders that we would not support the person elected who was a Shia but who was committed to work with the Sunis.   Biden told the Iraq government that we would only support Malaki remaining in office.   Malaki then proceeded to assassinate all the Suni leaders!  

  The way we get a new president into the Whitehouse is through elections.  Are the democrats afraid of elections?  What is the deal?  I would like to suggest that we pass a law that says that during any pandemic, politicians have to go home and receive no pay!  And I am sure, we would see very quick legislation to contain the pandemic without shutting down the country.  AND what about all the so-called essential businesses that continue to operate?  They are each and all prime breeding grounds for the virus, yet we continue to go to these potentially virus infested stores.  JUST THINK ABOUT IT!  If we are not getting the drift here, perhaps the virus is not as smart as we deem it to be!  Or not as devastating as the media wants us to think.  We can at least consider reopening our businesses, our livelihoods while simultaneously continuing to practice smart disease controls.  The Banks are doing it!  The large chain stores are doing it!  The gas stations are doing it!  Delivery services are doing it.  Restaurants and fast food operations are doing it!  And apparently, quite successfully!  JUST THINK ABOUT THIS STUFF!
  We all know there is really NO safe place to escape the virus!  Yet we have been willing to go along with this complete shutdown of our country and our economy which has left many of us really hurting financially.  And yet we climb on board to support the shutdown for an indefinite period of time again to the detriment of our jobs, our income, the countryu’s economy, and to the detriment of all the people in our lives.  

  And we know there is absolutely no safe place to escape death.  So let’s get a grip and come to terms with our own death and then begin to live on the other side of death.  We can do that right here, on earth, today, right now, at this very moment.   Please THINK about it!


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