Saturday, May 9, 2020


  Just for the record, I am a registered democrat.

  I have lived for a few years now.  Perhaps more than many of the young leaders in our country.  It is difficult to define young and old!  I actually never feel old until I have to get out of the back seat of a car or when I “climb” out of bed in the morning.  I stay healthy by avoiding bread and sugar and walking six miles in an hour an a half four times a week.  I have to admit that my downfall is ice cream, and I can easily convince myself that a little bit of ice cream is okay!  And it is.  The only problem is I never have a little bit!

  From my perspective, leaders in their forties and fifties are still YOUNG!  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  We need young leaders.  And we need young leaders who can recognize they are young and perhaps need to quickly age in their understanding of life and the world we live in.  We need young leaders who embark on their own quest for knowledge and understanding rather than relying upon the money trail or our media whose history is marred with plenty of disservice to the public for the sake of selling news.
  So, what is this blog all about?  Well, at my age, I am looking around for leaders to follow.  I am looking for someone, into whose eyes and face I can look, and see there, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he or she truly cares about his or her followers, and acts in the best interest of his or her followers.

  I look for folks who know the difference between power and force!  I look for folks who realize that freedom comes with a high price, namely letting go of our urge to control others rather than lead!  It’s a HUGE difference!  So I look for leaders who would never consider encouraging neighbors to snitch or tattletale on each other!  That’s indicative of a leader who is actually just a little kid still.

  I look for folks who consciously or unconsciously live in a mindset that resembles, in even a small way, the lives of people like Mother Teresa.  Whoa!  Yes!  You read correctly!  And why wouldn't we hold our leaders to such a standard?  Her life was all about service,

  I keep looking for a leader who is willing to be at the front of the line in our “battles” against whatever!  For example, I keep hoping to hear about some leader who is willing to go into the hospital wards and the nursing homes to provide some emotional support to those who are dying from whatever disease or illness, as well as support for those who are working there.  Yes, I look for someone who wants to give a very concrete message to their followers that their lives MATTER, maybe even more than their own life.  I keep looking for a leader who understands the science of interpersonal neurobiology and recognizes that sheltering in place and social distancing and preventing loved ones from visiting loved ones in the hospital and nursing homes can have a more serious impact on one’s health than any disease or virus.

  Unfortunately, it is now fashionable for the government to dictate who I can take care of at the risk of catching whatever disease those patients have.  That is MY choice especially when it comes to my loved ones.

   I keep looking for a leader who exercises every part of his or her humanity including his or her soul.  I’m not looking for a leader who aligns with a particular religious system, but someone who can simply acknowledge that there is more to him or her than meets the eye!  Someone who is willing to acknowledge mystery and that we do not know it all.  Someone who can acknowledge that we will never eradicate disease, not matter how many vaccines we have or no matter how many medicines we develop, and who can humbly acknowledge that none of us are that powerful!  And I keep looking for someone who has the humility to admit when he or she has chosen a solution that is ineffective.

  I keep looking for a leader who can encourage his or her followers to live a lifestyle that provides the body with everything it needs to engage in the fight against disease.  I keep looking for a leader whose notions about essential and non essential are based on some other value than big business and political support.  I am looking for a leader who is willing to think rather than to look at what is politically advantageous.   I am looking for a leader who is willing to acknowledge that the leading cause of death is Death!

  I look for leaders who are encouraging their followers to LIVE life rather than run from death.  I’m looking for leaders who really get that!  And practice it!

  I don’t know what would motivate a good leader to terrorize his or her followers into thinking that they are going to die from a virus in contrast to reassuring his or her followers that most people recover from the virus or disease at hand.  I mean the stats are there.  I don’t know what would keep a California political leader from telling his or her followers that according to the CDC, less than, way less than, three thousand people have died from the corona virus in contrast to almost eighty thousand deaths from all other causes during this same time period.  The difference is HUGE!   Very few people have died from the corona virus in California.  Check out the website and the stats for yourself.

  I’m not discounting the almost three thousand who have died, but we sometimes forget just how many people actually die every day from all kinds of causes.

  I don’t know why a good leader would want his followers to lower their immune system by sheltering in place!  I don’t know why a good leader would not want to THINK about the world panic and to do his or her own research to find out what is credible and what falls into the category of we just don’t know.  I don’t know what would keep a good leader from looking objectively at the mathematical model that was used to stir all the panic in the first place!  A mathematical model that has failed in its previous predictions of other outbreaks.

  I’m looking for a leader who  acknowledges to his or her followers that there are plenty of contagious diseases that involve asymptomatic carriers and not just the current corona virus.       

  I am looking for a leader who can publicly acknowledge that much of what we call science is not factual but statistical probabilities which sometimes serve us well and some times not.  I am looking for a leader who acknowledges that scientifically what is living inside a womb is just not a collection of cells and the issues of unwanted pregnancy is, in most cases, an issue of choice from the very beginning.  And just to clarify, I’m not in favor of judging anyone.  I’m just not in favor of creating scenarios that take away our freedom to be responsible and accountable.  For example, I’m not aware of any legislation that stipulates the government should pay people’s DUI fines.

  If stopping work, losing your own small business or even large business really is essential to the health of a state or country, then a good leader will surrender his own salary and live in the same fear and poverty that so many other citizens are having to face at this time.  I keep looking for a leader who is conscious of all the ways that he or she practices a double standard.  One standard for him or herself and another standard for the followers.

  I keep looking for a good leader who gets it that it is never okay for us to begin resembling, even slightly, the very countries that we have traditionally faulted for their totalitarian approach to workers and ordinary people!  I keep looking for leaders who are wanting to instill in their followers a sense of personal responsibility and accountability rather than a reliance upon and a dependency upon government.  

  I am obviously very concerned about the response our government has taken to this crisis.  I am very concerned that so many intelligent people, like doctors, are afraid to come forward and challenge the compnay line.  I am puzzled why Facebook and You Tube are committed to so-called community standards that eliminate intelligent and rational dissent.    

  And I am also looking for Spiritual leaders who are not like the Apostles who ran and hid when Jesus was in trouble!  Where are you?  Why are you afraid to model for your followers what it means to let go and surrender not to the government, but to a Higher Power?  I think it was Jesus who said that those who try to save their lives will lose it!  And as we attempt to save ourselves from the virus, we are losing not only our lives, but EVERYTHING!

  I am looking for Spiritual leaders who refuse to give the names and addresses of those who attend worship services.  Have you stopped to realize the government does not require that of Walmart or of any of the large chain stores?  So why places of worship?  Are spiritual leaders too young for this to ring any bells?   Just as in the large shopping stores, places of worship can also adopt social distancing and masks as well.  

    WELL, THANK YOU for reading and please, at least THINK about what I have shared from my 74 plus years of life experience.  I am not asking you to agree with anything I wrote.  I only ask that you examine why you are following the leaders you follow or why you are leading your followers where you are leading them.  BE RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE in your choices especially those that shift our country away from our constitution.

Once again, I am a registered democrat.  

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